Dominate Google Places (3 Easy Steps to Getting Started)

dominateWhat industry are you in? Go to Google right now and type in “[your industry] near [your city]” (ie, Tshirt printing near los angeles ca). Towards the top of the list, you’ll see red pins with letters. These are google places. Do you see your name there? Is all the information correct? Are you in the top 3?

If you not, you are losing many new customers.

We now live in a world where a potential customer will look for a business by Googling. If you don’t have a Google Places page, if your information is incorrect, or if you aren’t in the top 3, you are losing new customers.

So what do you do? How do you get higher up and how do you get all the information correct?

There are three steps you can follow to begin optimizing your places page.

1. Claim your page

By claiming a page, you are telling Google the information is owner verified. Google Places works by aggregating information from various directory sites, such as Citysearch. But Google doesn’t know if it’s accurate. By claiming your page, you are able to make changes to the information. Google trusts you will make necessary changes and will begin ranking your page higher.

2. Add your website, phone number, email address, and any and all info

Google likes pages that are full of information. Google’s purpose is to provide value to it’s users. If your page just has your business name and number, Google determines it’s less valuable to its users. But if you have all your contact information, a bunch of pictures, your business hours, products and services offered, and more, it is much more valuable to users.

3. Claim your business at other sites

Google bases its Places rankings off of information from other sites, such as Yelp and Citysearch. Therefore, you should go to these sites and claim your pages. Start with Yelp and Citysearch, and any other sites you can think of that would list you. Verify the info and add any information you can.

With the way people find businesses today, you can’t succeed without optimizing your Google Places page.

Tell me in the comments how Google Places has helped your company.

Image Credit: Pierre LaScott