The Hottest Social Media Tip Ever

socialYou’ve got your Facebook page, Twitter account, and Linkedin profile all set up. You’ve got your small business on the fast track to social media marketing success. But you have one question left.

What do I post?

It took me over a year to figure out what to post. I will spare you the year of toiling and share the secret with you right here, right now.

You ready for it?

Create value for your customer

Simple, right. But you’d be surprised how many small businesses don’t do this. Instead, they post random announcements their customers couldn’t care less about. So as you embark on your social media marketing escapades, here are 7 tips to follow to make sure you create value for your customers.

1. Is it relevant?

It’s funny when a restaurant posts news they found at Don’t do this. If you’re a sports bar, post articles about sports. If you’re a restaurant, post articles about cooking. Make it relevant to your customers and to your business.

2. Is it unique?

So let’s say you are the sports bar posting sports articles. Don’t simply find one sports news website and repost every one of their articles to your Facebook page. If your customers want that information, they can go to the site you’re getting the information from. Instead, become a curator. Search the internet for articles that you know your customers will enjoy.

Or better yet, write your own.

3. It’s not me, it’s you

Spend 80% of the time talking about your customers, 20% about yourself. This will prevent you from creating boring. Instead, you’ll find yourself spending more time engaging with your customers. Make it about them, not about you.

4. Consider the Medium

As you grow familiar with the specific network you are posting to, you will find people like certain types of posts. As a basic rule of thumb, post your images and videos to Facebook. Post articles to Twitter. Again, these are very rough rules of thumb. It takes some of your own testing to find out what works best.

5. Why should I care?

Make sure your posts are interesting. Ask yourself, “Is this something actually worth interrupting my customers’ days to tell them?” If not, don’t post it. Not posting is better than posting for the sake of it.

6. Test, test, test

You may think you are creating value for your customers, but you will never know until you test. There are certain metrics you can measure to see if people like what you are posting. Are people commenting? Are people retweeting?

7. Concentrate on one Network first

It’s really easy to go overboard with social media marketing and sign up for every network you come across. This is bad. Instead, start with one network. Learn the ins and outs of it. Then span out and include another. It’s better to have one strong network than a bunch of half assed ones.

I’ll keep my closing statement brief.

What are you doing to create value for your customers?

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  1. Rob says:

    It seems FB and twitter are here to stay. I just got mine going with some help from my daughter. Is there a time when we will be so inundated with the next social media outlet that we will forget why we do it?

  2. Amoxil says:

    I have bookmarked this article. I am going to follow every step that you suggested.
    Thanks for infor and tips.