10 Reasons You Should Sit on Your Ass and Blog

sittingBlogging is probably one of man’s greatest inventions, aside from Beef Jerky and HBO On Demand.

You can use it as a tool for business, as a personal form of expression, or even to find enlightenment. Or, if you want to be one of the greats, merge all three.

Blogging has become my addiction, my purpose in life. So I wanted to take a moment and give you the 10 reasons why I love blogging and why you should as well..

1. Make Sense of Life

Our minds are a jungle of thoughts and ideas that, most of the time, make no sense at all. It’s just webs upon webs of incoherence and babble. The act of writing, however, requires us to gather these ideas, organize them, make sense out of them, and figure a logical way to communicate our ideas to our readers. And doing so, our ideas become clearer.

2. Reach The World, for Free

Years ago, if you wanted to communicate with the world, you’d have to spend an insane amount of money, whether your a business of an individual. But now the internet connects us all. And what’s the cost of starting a blog? You can do it for free with many services, or for just $10 a month you can have your own professional blog. Remember, the revolution will not be televised, it will be blogged.

3. People Actually WANT to Read What You Write

I know, it’s amazing. You think to yourself, “Why would anyone take 5 minutes out of their day to read what I’m writing?” You know why? Because you’re unique, you have unique thoughts that no one else provides. There is nothing more exciting when people send you emails and tweets saying they love your blog.

4. Everyone’s Doing It

Mom’s are doing it, Dad’s are doing it, celebrities are doing it with groups. Everyone is blogging. I know your mom used to ask you, “If everyone jumped off the bridge, would you?” I would. I want to stay up with what’s current. And right now, and for a long time to come, blogs are current. So make the jump and do it.

5. It’s Fun

If you’re a writer, blogging will be like your cocaine. You’ll wake up and have to have your morning fix. Right now, it’s probably the one thing I enjoy most in my life. Whenever I get a chance, I’m either reading a blog, writing a blog, or learning about blogging.

6. It’s the New Plastic

Imagine you’re Dustin Hoffman and a family friend pulls you aside at your graduation party. He says, “Just one word…internet.” Just like plastic revolutionized the world, the Internet has, is and will continue to revolutionize the world. If you want to get in on this thing that’ll be bigger than plastics, start a blog. It’s a great way to start.

7. What Else Is There to Do On An Airplane?

I’m actually writing this on an airplane. No lie. Virgin America from JFK to LAX. And I’m having a blast right now blogging. Time goes by much faster on a plane when you’re having fun, and nothing is more satisfying than writing a new post.

8. Make New Friends

Looking for some new people to hang out with? Start a blog. People will begin commenting on your blog. Reply back to their comments, check out their blog, and leave them comments. Start a discussion. Follow them on Twitter. And now, you have a whole new group of friends who share the same interests as you.

9. Become a MiniCelebrity

Remember how you wanted to be the next big movie star when you were young? Maybe you still do. Chances of this happening are slim. But you have a much higher chance of becoming a mini celebrity. Ask anyone on the street who Chris Brogan is and they’ll probably ignore you. Ask a blogger who Chris Brogan is, and they’ll look at you like you’re a noob, probably with some snarky comment like: “Come on, Chris Brogan, everyone knows who he is.” Chris Brogan is a blogging and internet marketing mini celebrity. And there are many out there, in every niche. You too can become a mini celeb in your blogging niche.

10. You’re no Longer Unemployed

It sucks going to a family get-together and having everyone ask what you’ve been doing for a job lately and having to say, “I’m looking for work.” No longer. Once you start a blog, you can say you are a founder of an amazing internet media company, and get Oo’s and Ah’s from all your relatives.


What Now?

As I said earlier, I’m on a plane while writing this. My post is a bit more sarcastic than normal: I think it’s the altitude. Nevertheless, the 10 reasons I listed are truly from the heart. It’s why I love blogging.

If you know someone who is considering starting a blog, share this with them. Encourage them.

Now, I’d like to hear from you:

What are you top reasons for blogging?

Image Credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by JoshSemans


  1. Kim Davies says:

    Hi, Brandon.

    I dig your reasons for blogging. My reasons when I asked my boss if we can have a blog for our 3D rendering company were I ached to write using my own voice again and I wanted to share the magic of 3D rendering to the world. Little did I know that there are many perks in blogging, meeting new friends being on top of the list. I love that part about blogging. :)

    Hope your week has been great so far. :)
    My recent post 3D Rendering – The Art of Making Clients Happy