5 Ways to Get More Blog Readers

audienceYou’ve got your blog all set up, you’ve started publishing amazing articles and content, but not one person has come to visit (besides your mom of course).

But come on: What you really want is hundreds, maybe even thousands of readers a day.

So how do you get more blog readers?

Here are the top 5 techniques I use to attract more readers. (What are your techniques? Share them in the comments below).

1. List Posts

I’m not sure exactly why, but people love reading lists. Take a look at some of the popular blog posts around the web: “10 techniques to…” “My 7 Favorite…” “The 10 Hottest Women”.

List posts always get much more traffic than a traditional post. Try writing a couple of list posts and see how they do.

2. Write About Someone

People love seeing their name in writing. Do you know someone who is doing something interesting? Write an exposé on them. Did you read an amazing blog post? Write a post about the author.

When you write a post about someone, they’ll tell others to go to your blog and read it.

So who can you write a post about?

3. Keyword-Targeted Posts

A great source of traffic are search engines. But if you want that traffic, you need to write articles addressing issues people search for.

Use the Google Keyword Tool to find what people are searching for in your niche. For me, I found people are searching for “get more blog readers.” So I wrote this post and optimized it for that search term (notice the title of the article?).

4. Incentive

Most of the time, people will come to your blog, read one article, and leave. We don’t want to lose these readers. So how do we keep them?

Provide an incentive. Offer a free ebook or guide when people sign up for email updates.

A great tool to help out with this is Popup Domination [affiliate link] (I use it to get people to sign up for my ecourse). You will also need email marketing software to deliver the email updates and also send the incentive content. For beginners, I recommend Aweber (Affiliate link).

5. Guest Posting

Out of all 5 techniques, this is the best.

Find a blog in your niche and contact the writer. See if they accept guest posts. If they do, contribute an article.

Guest blogging brings me the most traffic. In fact, when my CopyBlogger post was published, my traffic jumped over 10 times as much.

For a more detailed article on guest posting, check out YoungPrePro’s Guest Posting article.


And that’s it. It’s that simple.

What About You?

What techniques do you use to get more blog readers?

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  1. Awesome post Brandon,

    I especially love your point about writing keyword targeted posts as they keep on bringing serious traffic months after publishing them. A post I published on my blog last year is still been viewed by thousands of visitors monthly as a result of traffic from search engines.

    Guest blogging really works especially if you could get your guest post featured on a big blog and I also really appreciate you linking to my article on guest blogging.

    Also, congrats on your guest article on Copyblogger, it is really an achievement!

    Thanks so much and have a great day!

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  2. Ambugger says:

    "You’ve started publishing amazing articles and content."

    Ya, Nope. That's your first problem right there.

    • Brandon Yanofsky says:

      Good point. If someone has not published great content, they won't start attracting readers.

  3. The article was good but not got the point on why you're promoting youngprepro guide.

    I don't think its a guest post by 'Oni', is it?

    My recent post How I Redirected My Bloggers Blog Traffic

    • Brandon Yanofsky says:

      Oni wrote a great article about Guest Posting. I'm just providing a link to that article if someone is interested in finding out more about guest posting.

  4. Hi Brandon,

    The "Write About Someone" technique is a nice approach. As you said, people love when others write about them.

    I enjoyed reading your post at Copyblogger (Why Your Next Online Marketing Client
    May Live Next Door)

    • Brandon Yanofsky says:

      Thanks Matthew! I'm glad you found it useful.

      Writing about others works so well. In fact, I have a couple coming out very soon.

  5. Ajnabii says:

    Great post! after reading Oni's Post on youngprpro blog i checked some ping backs and you are one of them, Really your post is also valueable for bloggers who wants more readers on their blogs.

    i got a new point from your post that keyword targeted posts is more sucessfull.

    Thanks for writing this nice post.
    My recent post 5 Benefits Of Guest Blogging