Dear Small Business Owners…

This is an open letter to small business owners who resist internet marketing.

Dear Small Business Owner,

old time radioThere once was a time when our entire nation would stop whatever they were doing, gather around the radio, and listen.

There once was a time when our entire nation made sure it was watching television at exactly the right time so they didn’t miss the latest episode of a hit show.

There once was a time when our entire nation had newspapers delivered to their doorsteps every morning.

Those were the times when it made sense to market on the radio, television, and newspapers.

But those times are gone.

Less and less people are listening to the radio, opting instead to listen to Pandora.

Less and less people are watching TV, choosing instead to watch YouTube or Netflix.

And less and less people are reading newspapers, choosing instead to get their news through blogs like The Huffington Post.

The old marketing adage says: be where your customers are.

If more and more of your customers are online, doesn’t it make sense to market online?

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  1. You're right, there are still people (too many in my opinion) who aren't using the internet to grow their businesses. To me they are foolish and shouldn't expect to be in business for much longer.

    I think it's important for businesses to be both online and offline. Both are places where customers are. Big online giants like Amazon brand themselves offline and traditional mom & pop shops are online using social media to keep in touch with customers. An online/offline combination is the way to go. Online isn't an option though, its a MUST.

    Nice Post.
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    • Brandon Yanofsky says:

      Great point. I probably should have included that. You definitely need a combo of online and offline. Just one or the other by itself won't work. You need to have them complement each other.

  2. IMO, I think you're better off only being online than you are only being offline. Offline just lacks that potential viral component that you have online.

    • Brandon Yanofsky says:

      I do agree with you, but I highly recommend against only one or the other. It's best to have a hybrid.

  3. Kim Davies says:

    Hi, Brandon.

    I agree with you on online marketing complementing offline marketing. The two should go hand in hand because although a lot of people are now going online, there are still those who value such offline marketing tools as business conferences, brochures, business cards, newsletters, signage and even those radio and TV ads. Our 3D rendering company thrived on that kind of marketing way before I started blogging. And, we are doing well and flourishing. :)

    Cool one, Brandon. Enjoy the coming weekend. :)

    • Brandon Yanofsky says:

      I actually just did an interview with a fellow entrepreneur and we were discussing this very thing. One can't live without the other.