My Teachers Were Right: Taking Notes Pays Off

notesCheck this out. Instead of just attending a conference, I turned it into a way to market my business:


This past week, I attended the Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco. In addition to meeting some great people and handing out business cards, I wanted to find a more substantial way to get attendees to remember me and my business.

So, I took copious notes from each speaker’s presentation and sent out numerous Tweets throughout the duration of the conference advertising that I’d be glad to give anyone a copy of my notes.

I had about 15 people respond, including one of the speakers, Bryan Srabian (who is in charge of Social Media for the San Francisco Giants).

I fixed the notes up a bit and inserted my logo and a link to my blog. Now, these 15 people know who I am and know what B-List Marketing is. I wouldn’t be surprised if I obtain new clients and customers, either directly or indirectly, because of these simple notes.

It’s basic content marketing.


If you’d like a copy of these notes, simply click here or the link below. And feel free to share them.

inbound marketing summit notes

Image Credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by Brady Withers


  1. Smart move Brandon!

    I'm a notorious note taker. It just helps as a point of reference or recap from a reading or lecture.

    You just took note taking to another level and made yours a marketing tool!

    Clever! :-)
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  2. Kim Davies says:

    This was a cool and smart idea you had, Brandon. Bet a lot of people would gobble your notes up. And, using your tools as a marketing tool really rocks!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

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    • Brandon Yanofsky says:

      I definitely got a great response from doing it. I highly recommend it to anyone to do.

  3. Jon Mehlman says:

    Great job Brandon!

    As one of the 15 people who responded, I want to say thanks and hope to return the favor some day soon.


    • Brandon Yanofsky says:

      Appreciate it Jon. And hope you find the notes helpful. Looking forward to actually meeting you in person next time. lol.