Why Your Website Color May Be Scaring Customers Away


This is a guest post by Ari Herzog.

You should not leave color swatch designs solely to the decision of your graphic/web designer — but also keep in mind your target demographic visiting your website and reading your content. Ages and geographical location of that target should be considered but a lot of weight should also be placed on culture.

The color white, for instance, which most blogs and websites employ as a background, is typically viewed as a happy, peaceful, and celebratory color — but to Asians, it symbolizes mourning and death.
What colors mean in different cultures.

If your target visitor is from Asian heritage, you probably do not want to display white on your website (which begs the question why gov.cn disregards this best practice). Because visitors from Far East nations are not the target readership of B-List Marketing, white is probably an okay choice.


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Image Credit: Three Color Image Attribution Some rights reserved by Ms. Phoenix


  1. Harrison Li says:

    Well thanks for sharing, I never knew such a small detail could have great impacts, interesting!

    • Brandon Yanofsky says:

      I was surprised when I read this as well. I'd heard about it, but never knew it could apply to websites.