What Contact Information You Need to Include On Your Website

communicationCommunication is an integral element of building revenue-generating relationships with your customers. That’s why you need to make available many lines of communication for your customers to contact you.

Here are the top 5 forms of contact you should include on your website.

1. Email Address

This is number 1. You NEED to list your email address on your website. Every one of your customers uses email, no matter what industry you are in. Place your email address in a logical location, such as a Contact Me page, and make sure it stands out.

2. Contact Form

As surprising as it sounds, some of your customers just don’t want to go through the extra hassle of having to click on your email address and waiting for their email program to open. Instead, they prefer the simplicity of filling out a contact form and clicking submit, all within their web browser. So, include a contact form. Do so and you’ll find more customers contact you.

If you use WordPress, check out Gravity Forms [affiliate link]. It’s a great tool for creating amazing contact forms (I recommended it to Blog Tyrant and he loves it).

Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress

3. Phone Number

Even though we live in the age of the Internet, some things can be accomplished much more efficiently over the phone than by email. So give you customers your phone number. Place it right next to your email address. If you’re worried about handing out your home/cell number, you can create a Google Voice number.

4. Live Chat

There are times when your customers have questions they need answered faster than email allows, but don’t want to spend the time on the phone. That’s why live chat is so great. I’ve seen it used very effectively in many online stores. Zappos and BigCommerce, two companies with the best customer service I’ve seen, use Live Chat amazingly.

5. Twitter/Facebook/Other Social Networks

Your more technologically advanced customers will want to reach out to you through Twitter and Facebook. And you should make it easy for them. Link to your accounts. Check your social networks regularly to see if people are talking to you/about you/about your company. And be sure to respond and engage in conversation. The great thing about social networks is that the conversations are published for all to see. For instance, if you answer a customer’s question on Twitter, other customers with that same question will see the answer.


There you have it. Start integrating these forms of contact into your website. Include as many as you can. It will help you greatly improve your relationship with your customers.

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  1. KristinaaaL says:

    Hi, Brandon,
    Nice post, very brief and clear enough. I think most bloggers, including companies try to respect these rules, although I rarely ever see a live chat option on the site. Also, phone numbers are sometimes left out…I agree there are things still easier to be worked out over the phone rather than by mails, but, unfortunately, many use their phones just to have a secretary at the other end saying that the boss is not available. Well, at least from my experience…they always try to redirect you to just write them mail or contact them over FB or any other social media. It can get quite frustrating when it happens, as I prefer to talk rather then to write.
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