How To Record Your Visitor’s Mouse Movements, Clicks, And Scrolls…for FREE

clicktale mouse trackingYou’re about to discover a tool that will drastically improve your conversion rates.


ClickTale is an amazing software that records your visitors’ every interaction with your website. You can watch recordings of their mouse movements and clicks. You can see where they scroll. You can even see what buttons they press on their keyboards.

In addition, you’ll have access to heatmaps, which take all your visitors’ interactions and makes an overlay image that shows where most of your visitors clicked.

Why You Can’t Just Use Google Analytics

If you’re serious about increasing your conversion rates, you NEED ClickTale.

While Google Analytics (and other analytics softwares) are great, their information is limited. Google Analytics will tell you what pages your visitors visit and how long they stay there, but it doesn’t tell you what they did while on that page.

ClickTale let’s you see that information in real time.

Still not sure if you want to use ClickTale? 

How ClickTale Improved my Conversion Rate

I’m currently optimizing an ecommerce website I built.

When I looked through Google Analytics, I noticed most of my Adwords traffic would look at maybe 2-5 pages on my website and leave without making a purchase. Analytics did not provide me with information as to why.

I then watched ClickTale recordings of my visitors’ interactions. I noticed that they scroll through my pages, looking at all the products on the page. Once they’d reach the bottom, they’d go back to the top and click on a link to go to a category page, where they’d do the same thing again: scroll down through the products, reach the bottom, and return to the top.

So now I have information that can help me improve conversions. With the Analytics data, I would had to guess what was going on. Obviously I will have to make some assumptions. But with more information, I know my assumptions are more accurate.

How Can You Use ClickTale?

You can use it in much the same way as I did with my ecommerce website for your website.

Perhaps your visitors aren’t signing up for your email newsletter. Your subscription box is at the end of your posts, a spot you’re pretty sure most visitors notice.

However, you watch ClickTale recordings and you notice most of your readers never make it to the end of your articles. They don’t even get a chance to see your subscription box.

WIth this information, you now know a better spot for your subscription box is higher on your page.

How Much Does ClickTale Cost?

ClickTale isn’t cheap. It costs upwards of $700 a year.

But, they do offer a free package. While it does limit certain elements, you still can gain a huge amount of information about your visitors and find ways to improve your conversion rates.

So go ahead and give it a try. It’s free, so why not. Click here to visit their website and get started.

Once you do, let me know what you think in the comments below.

[Please note: there are NO affiliate links in this article. I just really like ClickTale.]


  1. Matthew says:

    Hi Brandon,

    I did not know about Click Tale. It sounds like Woopra, only it is free! I will check it out.

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  2. I always make use of Analytics but now after knowing about ClickTale i will surely try to make use of it and see how it work. Nice post

  3. Brandon,

    Have you tried CrazyEgg for heatmaps, eye tracking, and click maps? It's amazing!

    I'm writing for their blog (being released soon), and I just started using their product. It's a lot cheaper than this one, and like you mentioned, these kinds of softwares are amazing for taking the guess work out of web traffic.

    Let me know what you think when you check it out.
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    • Brandon Yanofsky says:

      I've never used crazy egg but I heard it was way good.But click tale actually shows you your visitors screen. It records their mouse and buttons they press.Heat maps and all that are great to see at a glance what all your visitors are doing.But clicktale let's you see individually what visitors do. That's way valuable.And their lowest plan is free. Can't get much cheaper :)

  4. AstroGremlin says:

    That seems pretty cool. I just saved myself $700!
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  5. Eric says:

    Ive seen the demo video for Clicktale, and i must admit it looks pretty good. I'm going to check it.

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  7. Latha says:

    This great brandon.
    You have to install some code on your website is it?
    Will check it out. Will it work for a website with less traffic?
    For the ecommerce site what changes did you make to improve conversions?

  8. Julie says:

    Wow! I haven't heard about clicktale before, but it seems to be really a nice thing! Thanks for sharing, I think I1m going to give it a try as soon as possible!
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  9. Bruce says:

    Thanks for sharing. It must be very helpful and I will give it a try.