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Business is Changing

televisionThere used to be a time when you could buy an ad in a local newspaper or create a TV commercial and see an increase in business the  next day. Those days are gone. It’s no longer about shouting messages at your customers or clients.

It’s now about engaging with your customers.

B-List Marketing provides you the knowledge, services, and solutions to take advantage of the changing business landscape. While your competitors sit around, reminiscing about the old days of business, you’ll be dominating your industry.


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Some of Our Clients

Hush Hush Hair Salon- Website Redesign, Internet Marketing Consultant

The Right Side Of Learning- Marketing Consultant

PictureFirst Learning- Website Design, Marketing Consultant

MommyRecess- Blogging Consultant, Editor, Website Design


Some of the Blogs We Manage

LocalManhattanBeach- A local guide to all that Manhattan Beach has to offer.

AshLoveNotes- A venture designed to “Bring Love to Life.”