My New Blogging Home + Special News You Can’t Miss


I have super exciting news. Over the past month, I’ve built a website that will serve you and your business’s needs much better. For a while, I’ve been asking you what kind of information I can provide that will help you succeed with your business. Overwhelmingly, you said, “WordPress tips and tricks.” I heard that and a light bulb clicked. I’ve developed and customized hundreds of WordPress blogs and websites for clients. I’ve had hundreds of WordPress users come to me for support. I know WordPress inside and out. And most importantly, I love WordPress. My New Blog So … [Read more...]

How To Record Your Visitor’s Mouse Movements, Clicks, And Scrolls…for FREE

clicktale mouse tracking

You’re about to discover a tool that will drastically improve your conversion rates. ClickTale ClickTale is an amazing software that records your visitors’ every interaction with your website. You can watch recordings of their mouse movements and clicks. You can see where they scroll. You can even see what buttons they press on their keyboards. In addition, you’ll have access to heatmaps, which take all your visitors’ interactions and makes an overlay image that shows where most of your visitors clicked. Why You Can’t Just Use Google Analytics If you’re serious about … [Read more...]

Need WordPress Help?


Have you run into a small problem with Wordpress that you just can't seem to fix? It seems to be happening to a lot of bloggers and small business owners lately. I've had more and more requests for consultation meetings to help fix simple issues with Wordpress. However, sometimes you don't need a full consultation for your simple issue. Sometimes you just need to get on the phone and ask a quick question. Get Answers to your Wordpress Questions That's why I'm now offering a service available immediately where I will answer any and all questions for you about anything related to Wordpress, … [Read more...]

When Customers Yell At You, What Should You Do?

angry customer

You WILL encounter angry customers. It’s inevitable. So you need to learn to deal with them correctly. Deal with them incorrectly, and the situation can backfire. Here’s a story of how I recently dealt with an angry customer. As a producer of information (my blog), my main customer is my email subscriber. Last week, I had one of my customers email me with a request: he wanted to receive my blog posts by email once a week instead of multiple times a week. I replied telling him I’d look into it. A few days later, before I had a chance to solve the situation, he unsubscribed.  I had … [Read more...]

How to Customize your WordPress Image Sizes


Here's how to change your Wordpress site's default image sizes. When you embed an image in your Wordpress pages and posts, you have three default sizes to choose from. But sometimes you need a different size than what's available.  To change your image sizes for posts and pages, you need to change your default image sizes. Click here to find out How to Change Image Sizes. You'll get my free PDF report that shows you how. Also be sure to sign up to receive even more Studiopress theme customization tips. … [Read more...]