When Customers Yell At You, What Should You Do?

angry customer

You WILL encounter angry customers. It’s inevitable. So you need to learn to deal with them correctly. Deal with them incorrectly, and the situation can backfire. Here’s a story of how I recently dealt with an angry customer. As a producer of information (my blog), my main customer is my email subscriber. Last week, I had one of my customers email me with a request: he wanted to receive my blog posts by email once a week instead of multiple times a week. I replied telling him I’d look into it. A few days later, before I had a chance to solve the situation, he unsubscribed.  I had … [Read more...]

What Are Your Favorite Business Books?


An important part of marketing a business is education. Not only should you be educating your customers and potential customers, but also yourself. That's where great business books come in. You should read...a lot. I read a lot. The greatest minds in business read a lot. Great leaders read a lot. So you should be reading a lot. And I'm sure you do. So what have you been reading lately? Let me know in the comments below. Image Credit:  Some rights reserved by Ian Wilson   … [Read more...]

What Contact Information You Need to Include On Your Website


Communication is an integral element of building revenue-generating relationships with your customers. That’s why you need to make available many lines of communication for your customers to contact you. Here are the top 5 forms of contact you should include on your website. 1. Email Address This is number 1. You NEED to list your email address on your website. Every one of your customers uses email, no matter what industry you are in. Place your email address in a logical location, such as a Contact Me page, and make sure it stands out. 2. Contact Form As surprising as it sounds, some … [Read more...]

Building Customer Trust in the Online Marketplace


This is a guest post by Matthew Denos of Weight Loss Triumph Note from Brandon: Matthew has worked hard to build a trustworthy business in an industry consumers instinctually distrust. If anyone knows trust, it's Matthew, and that's why I had to publish this article. Trust is an important element in any relationship. As a business, developing trust with potential consumers is vital to gaining their business. However, trust doesn’t stop at the initial purchase—follow through is equally important to maintain the trust, and keep customers coming back. Lose your customers’ trust at any … [Read more...]

Groupon Leads to Loyal Customer Mutiny


You’ve heard it time and time again: Groupon hurts small businesses. I’ve talked about it, and so have other bloggers. But check this out. Never would I have thought Groupon could cause a customer mutiny. What Happened? About a month ago, the yoga studio YogaWorks offered a special through Groupon to new customers: get $176 worth of classes for $50. The deal was a success...a bit too much of a success. My mom, who is a member at YogaWorks here in El Segundo, told me “regular” customers weren’t able to get a spot in many of the classes because there were so many new, … [Read more...]