Building Customer Trust in the Online Marketplace


This is a guest post by Matthew Denos of Weight Loss Triumph Note from Brandon: Matthew has worked hard to build a trustworthy business in an industry consumers instinctually distrust. If anyone knows trust, it's Matthew, and that's why I had to publish this article. Trust is an important element in any relationship. As a business, developing trust with potential consumers is vital to gaining their business. However, trust doesn’t stop at the initial purchase—follow through is equally important to maintain the trust, and keep customers coming back. Lose your customers’ trust at any … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Market Your Website and Get More Traffic


Ready to get more web traffic today? It’s really not as complicated as it may seem. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you’ll see amazing results. To get you started on your journey to more traffic, here are the 7 top ways to market your website that all internet marketing pros use. I’ve also included links to resources so you can learn even more. (Note: Some of the resources are affiliate links, meaning I get a referral fee. However, I'd recommend all of these resources even if I didn't receive an affiliate fee.) 1. Guest Blogging There are millions of blogs out … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: Entertainment Industry’s Secret Weapon


For decades now, the entertainment industry has been using content marketing to promote their products... ...through late night TV talk shows. Late Night TV Talk Shows Think about it. The guests, whether they be movie stars or musicians or authors, who come on to Conan O’brien, David Letterman, The Daily Show, and more all come on to promote a new show, movie, book, album, or tour. But instead of just saying, “Hey, watch my show,” the guests sit down with the hosts and entertain the audience. They talk about what’s been going on with their lives, joke around with the host, and … [Read more...]

Do Your Potential Customers Know You Exist?


Let me ask you something: Do your potential customers know you exist? And if they do know you exist, do enough of them know? If not enough know, perhaps it’s the way you are marketing. There are three basic forms of marketing. The first two are the old ways of marketing. They work, but not as effectively or efficiently. The third though, that’s where the magic is. That’s where your business becomes something more, something “enchanting” (borrowing from Guy Kawasaki). Which one are you using? Let’s examine all three: Interrupt, Convince, Engage. 1. Interrupt Interruption … [Read more...]

Selling with Google Adwords: The Results

Question mark made of puzzle pieces

Remember how a week ago I told you about my experiment selling “Create Your Wordpress Site!” through Adwords? Well, it’s all over, and I want to share my results. I decided to be 100% transparent on this. Some may say this will negatively affect my sales. But I’d much rather share this information with you than get a sale. Business is all about relationships, and I feel this will help tighten our relationship. So here it goes. Campaigns I ran three different campaigns: 1. The first brought the viewer to a sales page with a $37 price point. 2. At the same time, I had a second … [Read more...]