Forget Reality – Perception Rules The Business World


This guest post was forged in the fires of Mount Doom by Stephen Guise of Deep Existence. Perception rules the business world. I wish it wasn't this way. Really. In business, perception will always be more important than reality. It is more important for generating sales, being influential, and gaining respect. Perception is the lens through which the world sees you. In my early days, I thought that perception didn't matter. I figured if I knew the truth, then everything would be fine. Well, one incident opened my eyes to the fallacy of that way of thinking. Several years ago, my … [Read more...]

Only Carry 3 Business Cards

Business Card

From now on, you are allowed to bring only 3 business cards to your networking events. Did you panic a bit? I did when I found I’d only brought 3 cards to a networking event last week. Strangely, it turned out well. And I think it is BECAUSE I only brought 3 business cards. We hide behind our cards. The point of most networking conversations is the card exchange, which we deem the first step in creating a relationship. This is like walking up to 1,000 attractive people and handing them your number and hoping you find a relationship. You probably will. Maybe 10 will call, and maybe … [Read more...]