Improve Your Search Engine Ranking with Title Tags

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What is a Title Tag? Take a look at the top of your browser, close to the area you enter URLs. You should see the words "Title Tag." See it? Well, that is the title tag. A title tag, more or less, is the title of the current webpage. For instance, if you visit a company's about us page, the title tag most likely says "About Us". Apart from links to your site, title tags are the most important element in determining your search engine ranking. And unlike links, you have total control over your title tags. When I build a website, the first search engine optimization technique I use is … [Read more...]

Dominate Google Places (3 Easy Steps to Getting Started)


What industry are you in? Go to Google right now and type in “[your industry] near [your city]” (ie, Tshirt printing near los angeles ca). Towards the top of the list, you'll see red pins with letters. These are google places. Do you see your name there? Is all the information correct? Are you in the top 3? If you not, you are losing many new customers. We now live in a world where a potential customer will look for a business by Googling. If you don’t have a Google Places page, if your information is incorrect, or if you aren’t in the top 3, you are losing new customers. So … [Read more...]

What can SEX teach you about SEO?

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I know what you’re saying. “An internet marketing nerd might know about SEO, but he knows nothing about sex.” Ok, maybe that was true a few weeks ago, but I’ve conducted a bunch of late night experiments recently to learn as much as I can (thank you to all the willing research participants). So here’s what I found is similar between SEO and SEX. … [Read more...]

5 Free Plugins To Get Your WordPress Site Ranking Higher

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You probably already know how great wordpress is for SEO (if you don’t, I recommend every client to use wordpress). But wordpress by itself won’t help you rank any higher in search engines. Luckily, there are free plugins that will. Here are 5 of the top SEO and SMO plugins I recommend every one of my clients use. 1. All in One SEO This is the king of SEO plugins. It allows you to adjust all of your pages’ title tags (the text at the top of the browser, ie “Services | B-List Marketing”). You can also create a description for your homepage. When people search for your site, … [Read more...]