Standing Out from the Competition: Tips from a Wannabe Beer Enthusiast

beer aisle at bevmo

How do you stand out from the competition? Your customers are faced with so many choices? It’s something I finally figured out while shopping...for beer. Shopping for Beer I don’t know anything about beer. I don’t know the difference between an IPA and a pale ale. If you gave me a Bud Light and a Widmer Hefewiezen and asked me to tell you which is which, I’d embarrass myself. But I want to learn. That’s why I went shopping at Bevmo, where you can find almost every type and brand of alcohol. I journeyed over to the craft beer aisle, where they have a bunch of beers made in … [Read more...]

Sex Sells Everything


Why do people want great jobs? To make lots of money. And why lots of money? To buy an expensive car and a big house and fancy clothes. Why? Sex, of course Marketers tapped into this phenomenon decades ago. Want to sell beer? Show a gorgeous model drinking it. Need to sell a Porsche? Show a man drive up in a hot red Porsche and have 5 hot women wink at him. Need to sell a bra? Again, show gorgeous models wearing it. Need I go on? You intuitively know sex sells everything. And it’s not only for men; it works for women as well. And as much as we want to say we’re impenetrable to the … [Read more...]