5 Ways to Keep Groupon from Screwing You


If you’re considering using Groupon, this article is for you. Have you heard how Groupon has screwed over plenty of business? I’ve heard stories of some businesses even going out of business because of Groupon. That’s right. I read an article detailing one hotel that did a Groupon deal for reservations. It did get booked up for months, but with each reservation, it lost money. As you can tell, I am not a huge fan of Groupon, LivingSocial, or most other daily deal sites. But I must admit, I have been kind of hard on them. Groupon (it’s easier just to refer to all daily discount … [Read more...]

Only Carry 3 Business Cards

Business Card

From now on, you are allowed to bring only 3 business cards to your networking events. Did you panic a bit? I did when I found I’d only brought 3 cards to a networking event last week. Strangely, it turned out well. And I think it is BECAUSE I only brought 3 business cards. We hide behind our cards. The point of most networking conversations is the card exchange, which we deem the first step in creating a relationship. This is like walking up to 1,000 attractive people and handing them your number and hoping you find a relationship. You probably will. Maybe 10 will call, and maybe … [Read more...]

Who Cares About You?


Note: Check out Jon Morrow’s article over at Copyblogger. It inspired this post. Which makes more sense? If people tell you they want watches, do you: A) make watches and sell those watches. B) make clocks and convince people clocks are better. I hope you chose A. If you chose B, there’s a chance you’ll be successful, but you’re definitely making success as difficult as possible. Why wouldn’t you make what people want? Makes perfect sense. … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Stuck in the Twitter Syndrome

Twitter Network

I’m going to give you, free of charge, the formula for a successful business! Find something people really want. Literally give it away. Make it the best it can be. And that’s the way to a successful business. Right? NO! There’s a major problem: you’re not making any money. Seems simple, but so many businesses start like this. Welcome to the Twitter Syndrome You start a business and have no solid, planned out revenue model at all, congrats: you have just entered the Twitter syndrome. Mostly, it arises out of the following conversation: … [Read more...]