Do Readers Take You, as a Blogger, Seriously?


  What separates professional bloggers from the amateurs? Take a look at many amateur blogs, and you’ll notice they are using such free platforms as Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, and They are all great, but few professional bloggers use these services. Why? Because the free services highly limit what you can do with your blog. They have generic designs and don’t let you customize critical aspects of your blog. That’s why almost every professional blogger has a self-hosted Wordpress blog (, not Look at,, … [Read more...]

Donate to Skip1, I’ll Consult with you for FREE!

Today, I had one of the best days of my life. My article was published on Copyblogger! I signed a new client yesterday. I wrote a bunch of great new articles. Made a bunch of new friends. And have a clear vision of where my business is headed. So I think it's time I pay it forward. I recently read an article by Gail Gardner of She is offering an hour of free consultation if you donate $77 to a food bank. I want to offer the same. And I can only think of one group to benefit. One of my mentors, Cheril Hendry, CEO of Brandtailers, told me, "Brandon, when you are … [Read more...]