Sell More By Listening to your Customers

fox ears

You need to hear this new Hyundai radio commercial. I wasn’t able to find it online, so let me give you the gist of it. Hyundai pretty much said that they want their customers to “shoot straight” with them and tell them what they like and don’t like about their cars. They want them to be honest so that they can continue to make their cars even better. What Hyundai is doing is the essence of business and marketing: Give your customers what they want, listen to what they have to say about your product, then improve it and make it better. Now, who knows whether Hyundai will … [Read more...]

Dear Small Business Owners…

old time radio

This is an open letter to small business owners who resist internet marketing. Dear Small Business Owner, There once was a time when our entire nation would stop whatever they were doing, gather around the radio, and listen. There once was a time when our entire nation made sure it was watching television at exactly the right time so they didn’t miss the latest episode of a hit show. There once was a time when our entire nation had newspapers delivered to their doorsteps every morning. Those were the times when it made sense to market on the radio, television, and newspapers. But those … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Keep Groupon from Screwing You


If you’re considering using Groupon, this article is for you. Have you heard how Groupon has screwed over plenty of business? I’ve heard stories of some businesses even going out of business because of Groupon. That’s right. I read an article detailing one hotel that did a Groupon deal for reservations. It did get booked up for months, but with each reservation, it lost money. As you can tell, I am not a huge fan of Groupon, LivingSocial, or most other daily deal sites. But I must admit, I have been kind of hard on them. Groupon (it’s easier just to refer to all daily discount … [Read more...]

Do You Trust Your Customers?


I’m sure you hate being taken advantage of. Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship and discovered your partner was only interested in sex, or maybe only interested in your money, or was using you in some other way. Well, just like people can take advantage of you in a personal relationship, customers can take advantage of your business, particularly when it comes to discounts. That’s why coupons have so many rules on them: “Only one per visit per person per transaction”, “if you want a free meal on your birthday, we need to see your ID first”, “you need to give us your coupon … [Read more...]

Would Your Customers Take a Bullet For You?

apple store line

What a ridiculous idea! Why would any customer take a bullet for you or your company? Well, for Apple, it’s not that ridiculous. Try telling an Apple fanatic that Windows is better than Mac, and he’ll literally assault you. Welcome to the world of tribes. The best companies in the world are great because they have a tribe of loyal customers. Think about companies like Apple, Nike, and Mini Cooper and the tribes they build around their brands. So why should your company build a tribe of loyal customers? The Tribe Members are your Evangelists Walk up to an Apple fanatic and tell … [Read more...]