5 Ways to Keep Groupon from Screwing You


If you’re considering using Groupon, this article is for you. Have you heard how Groupon has screwed over plenty of business? I’ve heard stories of some businesses even going out of business because of Groupon. That’s right. I read an article detailing one hotel that did a Groupon deal for reservations. It did get booked up for months, but with each reservation, it lost money. As you can tell, I am not a huge fan of Groupon, LivingSocial, or most other daily deal sites. But I must admit, I have been kind of hard on them. Groupon (it’s easier just to refer to all daily discount … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Groupon: What’s the Deal?

We’ve already discussed the 5 steps to making your own Groupon deal. Now, let’s get into more detail. The most important element of your Groupon deal is the discount you offer. If your discount isn’t good enough, you won’t attract enough customers. But if your offer is too good (in that your discount is too large), you will lose a lot of money. This article will guide you through selecting the best discount for your business. What Customer Do You Want to Attract? There are two general types of customers: one-time and repeat. You need to determine which customer is better for … [Read more...]

Email: The Best Social Media Channel


While certain social media channels like Twitter, Yelp, and Facebook will yield your business plenty of results, there is one form of social media you must not forget about. Email. While not everyone has a Twitter account yet, nor does everyone use Yelp, everyone checks their email once a day (some do it hundreds of times a day). If you read the article I wrote a few weeks ago, Groupon’s main value comes from it’s email list, with over 50 million subscribers. Google was going to spend $6 billion for that email list. Does that give you an idea of how powerful email is? So how can you … [Read more...]

Local Businesses: Don’t Use Groupon, Make Your Own

Groupon Logo

There’s so much discussion lately about Groupon. Google made a huge offer to buy them, they released a controversial superbowl ad, and they are growing ever bigger as we speak. Many local businesses have had much success with Groupon. Yet I’ve heard stories of a large percentage of businesses never wanting to use Groupon again. The funny thing is, you don’t need Groupon to run a successful campaign for your small business. You can do it yourself. Groupon is just an email marketing campaign on a large scale. You can create your own email marketing campaign to drive new customers to … [Read more...]