Do Your Potential Customers Know You Exist?


Let me ask you something: Do your potential customers know you exist? And if they do know you exist, do enough of them know? If not enough know, perhaps it’s the way you are marketing. There are three basic forms of marketing. The first two are the old ways of marketing. They work, but not as effectively or efficiently. The third though, that’s where the magic is. That’s where your business becomes something more, something “enchanting” (borrowing from Guy Kawasaki). Which one are you using? Let’s examine all three: Interrupt, Convince, Engage. 1. Interrupt Interruption … [Read more...]

Dear Small Business Owners…

old time radio

This is an open letter to small business owners who resist internet marketing. Dear Small Business Owner, There once was a time when our entire nation would stop whatever they were doing, gather around the radio, and listen. There once was a time when our entire nation made sure it was watching television at exactly the right time so they didn’t miss the latest episode of a hit show. There once was a time when our entire nation had newspapers delivered to their doorsteps every morning. Those were the times when it made sense to market on the radio, television, and newspapers. But those … [Read more...]

Chris Brogan Shares Small Business Marketing Tips

chris brogan

I met up with Chris Brogan at the Inbound Marketing Summit this week and got to ask him, "What should small business first do when getting started with social media and internet marketing?" Watch the video below to find out. (Click here if you can't see the video). Want to read more from Chris Brogan? Check out his blog and books (Amazon affiliate links). … [Read more...]

When Marketing Becomes Difficult, You’re On The Right Path


Does marketing frustrate you? It should. But why do so many other businesses have such an easy time marketing? You know that brand new frozen yogurt shop right around the corner that is exactly like the 50 others in town. Why do they have such an easy time attracting customers when it’s so hard for you? The difference? Your business is remarkable, while theirs is just a commodity. When someone is in the business of selling a commodity (a product or service that is pretty much the same no matter what brand sells it, such as staples or tissues or fruit), marketing becomes very easy. It … [Read more...]

3 Marketing Lessons I Learned from Online Dating

flowers and hearts

Have you tried online dating? I have. And I’ve learned some of my most important marketing lessons from online dating. Here are the top 3 I'd like to share with you: 1. Stand Out by Being Personal It's very difficult to get a girl to notice me on dating sites. My understanding is that a girl will get at least 10 messages a day from guys asking her on dates. Similarly, your clients will receive hundreds of emails marketing products to them. So how do we stand out, in both dating and business? We make the message personal. Most men on dating sites send generic, boring, and formulaic … [Read more...]