The 7 Cures to Analysis Paralysis

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Do you feel stuck? Do you feel your business is just not coming together? Dr. Brandon Yanofsky is here with a diagnosis. You are suffering from analysis paralysis. Analysis paralysis is a syndrome where you get stuck in constantly planning and evaluating, but never taking actions. I’ve talked with many friends and clients who suffer from this same syndrome: they’ve been thinking about launching a business, or product, or website for a couple years, but haven’t done it. If this sounds like you, it’s time to break out of your analysis paralysis. Here are the 7 cures. 1. What’s the … [Read more...]

Why Perfection Will Kill Your Blog and Business

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There's this idea among business owners, bloggers, artists, and other creatives that perfection is what we should strive for. I'm thinking of the writer who spends 10 years writing a novel but gives up because he just can't seem to achieve perfection. Or the painter who never paints again because he thinks his paintings are crap. Or the business owner who spends his whole life thinking up great business ideas, but never executes one because he's scared it won't be right. Perfection Destroys Dreams People who chase perfection give up when they realize perfection is a myth. But even more … [Read more...]

Your Website will Never Be Perfect


Does this sound like you? After launching my first company, it was time to create a website for it. I decided I would handle it myself. So I got my hosting account, installed Wordpress, and bought an awesome looking theme. Had it all set up in about three days. But as I looked over it, I said to myself, “This just isn’t what I want.” So I took it down, found a new theme, got it all set up again, and said the same thing again, “It’s just not what I had envisioned.” I did this a few more times until I realized, I don’t have an operating website, and I’m getting no closer to … [Read more...]