My Teachers Were Right: Taking Notes Pays Off


Check this out. Instead of just attending a conference, I turned it into a way to market my business:   This past week, I attended the Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco. In addition to meeting some great people and handing out business cards, I wanted to find a more substantial way to get attendees to remember me and my business. So, I took copious notes from each speaker’s presentation and sent out numerous Tweets throughout the duration of the conference advertising that I’d be glad to give anyone a copy of my notes. I had about 15 people respond, including one of the … [Read more...]

Why Are Certain Businesses Memorable And Others Aren’t?

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After attending the Adtech conference and expo last week in San Francisco, I began asking myself: “Why are certain business memorable and others aren’t?” I’d spent over 5 hours on the expo floor, talking to representatives from all these businesses. But only about 5% of these businesses actually made a good enough impression to be memorable. The other 95% I couldn’t care less about. The same phenomenon occurs with consumers. Consumers Don’t Care About 95% of Businesses So, “What is it that makes certain businesses so memorable?” I first thought it depended on how … [Read more...]