When Marketing Becomes Difficult, You’re On The Right Path


Does marketing frustrate you? It should. But why do so many other businesses have such an easy time marketing? You know that brand new frozen yogurt shop right around the corner that is exactly like the 50 others in town. Why do they have such an easy time attracting customers when it’s so hard for you? The difference? Your business is remarkable, while theirs is just a commodity. When someone is in the business of selling a commodity (a product or service that is pretty much the same no matter what brand sells it, such as staples or tissues or fruit), marketing becomes very easy. It … [Read more...]

Would Your Customers Take a Bullet For You?

apple store line

What a ridiculous idea! Why would any customer take a bullet for you or your company? Well, for Apple, it’s not that ridiculous. Try telling an Apple fanatic that Windows is better than Mac, and he’ll literally assault you. Welcome to the world of tribes. The best companies in the world are great because they have a tribe of loyal customers. Think about companies like Apple, Nike, and Mini Cooper and the tribes they build around their brands. So why should your company build a tribe of loyal customers? The Tribe Members are your Evangelists Walk up to an Apple fanatic and tell … [Read more...]

Why All Businesses Are the Same


I've mentioned it many times before: if you want your business to succeed, you MUST be different than your competition. Not just slightly different, but radically different. You've got to be, as Seth Godin calls it, the Purple Cow [note: Amazon affiliate link to Godin's book]. Lets take a look at a successful company and see what they did to be different. Different than all Others Zappos has a level of customer service that I’ve never seen before. You can call their customer support number and have an hour long conversation with the rep about which shoe would suit you best. Moreover, … [Read more...]