Sex Sells Everything


Why do people want great jobs? To make lots of money. And why lots of money? To buy an expensive car and a big house and fancy clothes. Why? Sex, of course Marketers tapped into this phenomenon decades ago. Want to sell beer? Show a gorgeous model drinking it. Need to sell a Porsche? Show a man drive up in a hot red Porsche and have 5 hot women wink at him. Need to sell a bra? Again, show gorgeous models wearing it. Need I go on? You intuitively know sex sells everything. And it’s not only for men; it works for women as well. And as much as we want to say we’re impenetrable to the … [Read more...]

What can SEX teach you about SEO?

A Kiss

I know what you’re saying. “An internet marketing nerd might know about SEO, but he knows nothing about sex.” Ok, maybe that was true a few weeks ago, but I’ve conducted a bunch of late night experiments recently to learn as much as I can (thank you to all the willing research participants). So here’s what I found is similar between SEO and SEX. … [Read more...]